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What were the motivations and aspirations of the biblical Jesus?

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Greetings, Trust-Your-Sources.  Thanks for joining the discussions.  Do you really trust the sources or do you assume without proof from reliable sources?  Do you think that anyone will be convinced by your assertions if they are based on yourself & your assumptions as the source (I said it, so it must be so)?
"When i read the account of Christ and I read it as a myth"
How do you know that it is a myth? Can you demonstrate that the Gospels fit the genre of myth instead of theological interpretation of history? or the genre of God's Word?  Proof?  Do the gospels present a narrative in real time & place with real persons (Rome, Judea, Galilee, Egypt, Peter, James, John) or in Oz, Middle Earth & Narnia with the Wicked Queen of the West, Frodo, & a magic clothes closet?
"meant to be examined as testimony" "at a bar just tellling a story"
What is the proof that it was meant to be examined merely as testimony instead of presented as the Word of God?  How does the message resemble bar prattle under infuence of alcohol?  What is your proof that the message was not presented with a demand that the reader believe it, as possibly lies?
 I make 3 assumptions as I read the accounts of Christs life.
Is it foolish to base your beliefs on such assumptions? Is it correct that you prejudge the account?  What point is it in showing that your beliefs come from such assumptions?  Given your assumptions, were they inevitable?  (I assume it is nonsense, thus it is nonsense.  -- Is that blazing logic?)
1 - Jesus is not divine and has no special powers. (ex. I've never seen a dude walk on water why would I believe a testimony that says someone saw someone do it somewhere.)
How do you know that you should reject the narrative of things you have not personally seen?  Do you believe that electrons & protons exist? Do you believe that Moscow exists if you have never been there?  How do you know that the Lord Jesus is not God & that He has no special powers? Are you saying that you make all these assertions as mere assumptions (no reason, no proof)?
2 - No one else has special powers everyone is a human limited by the knowledge and culture of Iron Age Middle East.
How do you know that there are no existent beings except humans?  How do you know that everyone is limited by the knowledge and culture of Iron Age?  How do you know that there ever was such a thing as the "Iron Age" in the Middle East, or anywhere else?  Have you seen an Iron Age?
"3 - Jesus is corruptible just like every other person."
How do you know that the Lord Jesus is corruptible? Have you seen Him sin?  When? How do you know that every other person is merely corruptible & not corrupt by nature?
"a story about a Iron age Rabbi "
How do you know that the story is about an iron age Rabbi? Where does the story say "iron age"?
"that ran an organization"
How do you know that He ran an organization?
"with lots of hall marks of a cult like abandoning families to follow a holy teacher,"
What leads you to believe that it is the hall mark of a cult to abandon families?  Is the US Army a cult?
"Further this holy teacher showed them a bunch of cheap parlor tricks. "
How do you know that the Lord Jesus showed them a bunch of cheap parlor tricks?  Is raising the dead on the 4th day of death a cheap parlor trick?  How do you know that HIs signs were worked in parlors or analogous to such?
The holy teacher was so narcissistic and egocentric"
Is dying on a cross to pay for our sins narcissitic & egocentric?
"that anytime anything other then him comes up he tells you how unimportant it is compared to him"
When a sick person came up, did the Lord Jesus tell him how unimportant he was? Or did He declare that he came to serve & give His life a ransom for their sins?
"Further he is reckless and his delusions of grandeur "
How do you know that the Lord Jesus is reckless instead of determinate and careful in His actions? Proof? How do U know He is delusional?
"his corrupt nature like soaking himself in a years wages worth of perfume in one sitting in front of a bunch of people who gave everything up to obey and follow him."
What is your proof that He had corrupt nature or that it was wrong to receive the loving application of pre-death body perfume?  How do you know that those who trusted Him do not receive eternal life & the "freely given all things"?  How does the perfume nard gift from Mary of Bethany compare with the price Christ paid on the cross for her & all mankind's sins with the free gift of eternal life, streets of gold, & eternal bliss with no more tears?  How do U know that the Lord Jesus is not worthy of such honor?
"I see Charles Manson"
When did the Lord Jesus order Sharon Tate to be stabbed to death?

"there is explicit content that is violent and sexual in nature in some parts of his life's account."


Where is the explicit sex in the account of Christ's life? Give proof verse or retract.  Do you think that you persuade anyone by assuming your theories before presenting them?  Would you care to retract the whole essay as based on unconfirmable assumptions instead of proof?

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