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  1. What country benefits most when Islamic countries are in battle with themselves?



    SCARLETT FAKHAR Christian TVAnchor / Reporter for local Houston Fox26 TV, was fired after she posted a celebration of the outcome of the election on election night, when Hillary lost. She also criticized Barak Obama -- but all this in a private Facebook post. After management at Fox26 saw the post (evidently transmitted by some "friend" of Scarlett who had access to the private post), Scarlett was fired. We hope that Scarlett gets an even better position, though we don't know what the Lord has in mind for her. Maybe ("Fair & Balanced") FoxNews national will hire her (local Fox affiliate in Houston is probably liberal). I wud like to see Scarlett having a show like Megan Kelly or Hannity. Perhaps Trump, Pence, or Cruz will take note of what happened and pull some strings for her. I suggest we Tweet, send letters, etc. to Trump, Pence, Cruz, and Transition2017 to try to drum up some support for her.


    The Recount proceeds, not without opposition. HIllary's team has joined it despite her former objections to Trump's refusing to affirm his acceptance of the election's results, in advance. I wait to see some counter "expert" tear apart the reasons given by the pro-recount "expert" as to how computers not connected to the internet might have been hacked. What is somewhat disconcerting is how it seems that generally when they recount, Hillary gets an increase in votes. As a Christian I have to object to Hillary because she supports baby-murder.






    To my surprise, Trump carried Indiana in triumph, moving Cruz to cruise out of the race. Yet Trump has acted like a bully, rude, nasty, childish, and insulting with other candidates, traits which seem to me disqualifying for a president. He even generalized on Mexican illegal immigrants (invaders) as rapists.


    And yet, the voters have moved Trump into a position to win the Republican nomination for president. So what does that say about the American people? I have considered those who vote Republican as a cut above the Democrats in their political positions; thus they have seemed to me to be the "better half" of the country -- even if largely totally depraved like all natural humans. My hypothesis is that the people like a bully & identify with him in bully-power. If correct, this would be a sad-condition of the American psyche.

  3. If the USA were a democracy, the people would be voting on the laws, not hiring representatives to pass laws. Democracy was not a practical option in early America, people separated by long distances and long time periods of travel. Now with telephone & computers, the people actually could vote on laws. But we don't, as a rule. So we do not have democracy.


    Neither is the USA a Republic, even if we pledge allegiance to the "republic." The final creator of the laws has become the SCOTUS, 9 unelected judges, running in parallel with our temporary monarch, the king who issues unconstitutional "executive orders." Nobody votes on them (except the pretzel).


    For the federal govt, what we have is (as in Polybius' famous discussion) a MIXED CONSTITUTION: 1) Republic element in the congress, 2) Oligarchy element in the courts, especially the SCOTUS, 3) monarchy in the president. Our Constitution is supposedly the final authority, but our constitution failed to say who got to interpret it, who had the final authority to declare what it means. The SCOTUS seems to have claimed that authority for itself. Thus our constitution is defective. For once the Supreme Court realizes that the Constitution only means what the SCOTUS says it means, the temptation to arbitrarily make law is hard to resist.


    Our Constitution never authorized baby-murder by abortionists. Our Constitution never gave any permission or blessing to men putting the penis in other men's anuses. But the SCOTUS has legislated from the bench on these matters, going so far as decree that there shall be same-sex legal unions with the title of "marriage."


    Our Constitution has been found out to be defective. It needs revision, But in the last analysis, no matter what is written in that document, if the hearts of men are corrupt, a corrupt legal system is inevitable.